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We understand that committing to entire sessions can be difficult with the busy schedules, which is why we will start offering a month to month enrollment plan.


Payment will be due the first week of the month, but for your convenience, we will now be placing a card on file.  If you put a card on file we will automatically charge your tuition on the 10th of every month and you will not have to worry about being charged a late fee.  If you don’t place a card on file, you can still make payment by the 10th and receive no late fee.  All accounts for which a payment is not received by the 10th will receive a $5 late fee. Your child will be automatically enrolled in the next month unless you let us know by the 20th of the previous month that you will not be able to attend. Make-up classes will still be allowed anytime during the given month or alternatively, your child can be given a voucher for a free open gym.   


Move up evaluations will be handed out whenever a coach believes an athlete is ready for the next level. You can also inquire about your child’s level at any time. Please let the front desk know if the athlete has been asked to move to a different level so the appropriate changes can be made to the account. 

Tuition costs will be as followed:

$60 per month for once a week 55 min class 

$40 per month for once a week 25 min class



-2 classes for $100 or 3 for $140

-Sibling discount 10%= $54/$36

-Military Discount 10%=$54/$36

ABC's and 123's $80 per month for 2-hour class once a week

$150 per month for 2-hour class twice a week 

Urban Open Gym (Adults ages 16 & up) $15 per 90 minute class


Beginning January 2021, new families will be charged a reduced membership fee of $10 for an individual or $30 for a family. An annual membership fee will be billed in September in the amount of $30 for an individual or $50 for a family.

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